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In addition to the routine application of accepted industry technology such as DAMBRK, IMPULS, & ATURB, DTA leads the way in developing innovative, cost-saving approaches to meet the engineering, environmental and licensing needs of our clients. Staff specialists work closely with each other to develop new software and to optimize existing software applications in creating high-tech resources not available elsewhere. These include:

CHEOPS™ Hydropower Operations Model

Evaluation of operational changes of physical modifications at individual and multiple-development hydroelectric projects, evaluation of economics of potential upgrades and project modifications, assessment of effects of physical & operational changes proposed during FERC relicensing.  Read more...

ES Compliance Tracker

DTA and Eureka Software have combined resources to develop a compliance management system for managers and operators of hydroelectric and energy facilities.

Eureka Software's Compliance Tracker Software

ES Compliance Tracker is a user-friendly, proactive tool that accurately documents the record of compliance activities. Read more...

GIS/GPS Tools Designed to Manage Large Databases

Land Management, cover type, habitat, wetland and base mapping; aesthetics, cultural, recreational, inundation mapping; terrain and bathymetric analysis; aquatic vegetation mapping and FERC relicensing exhibits.  Read more...


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