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Aquatics & Fisheries


aquatic resources
  • Fish Habitat Characterization, GIS Mapping and Quantification
  • Fish Collections and Aquatic Biota Population Assessments
  • Measures of Effects of Impoundment Fluctuations on Fish and Aquatic Habitat
  • Instream Flow Studies, Including IFIM Delphi, Watershed and other Instream Flow Study Techniques
  • Upstream and Downstream Fish Passage Studies and Fishway Design
  • Entrainment and Mortality Studies
  • Fish Habitat Enhancement/Mitigation
  • Other Specialized Field and “Desk-Top” Aquatic Biology Studies
  • Assessment of Ecology Interactions
  • Radio Telemetry

Fisheries investigation experience includes:

  • Fish collections including trapping and electrofishing
  • Spawner surveys
  • Aquatic bioassessments
  • Macro-invertebrate investigation

Instream flow experience includes:

  • IFIM 1D (PHABSIM) and 2D flow modeling
  • Time series (multi flow, habitat/discharge modeling)
  • Small and large stream instream flow assessment
  • DELPHI instream flow assessment

Innovative habitat characterization abilities include:

  • Helicopter low altitude aerial video habitat assessment
  • Instream micro- and macro-habitat investigation
  • Habitat frequency, distribution and GIS database mapping

Assessment of fish passage, survival and behavior:

  • Radio and acoustic remote, passive and active tracking
  • Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) mass marking and monitoring
  • Fishway design evaluations
  • Entrainment and mortality

Project Examples

Beardsley/Donnells Project, Middle Fork Stanislaus River, CA, Tri-Dam Project.

DTA personnel executed field studies that required innovative use of current technologies . Aerial video from helicopter and infrared photography was used to map habitats in a mostly inaccessible eight-mile diversion reach and for selection and agency approval of study sites. Read More...

Penobscot River - Old Town, Milford, Bradley, Maine

Devine Tarbell & Associates, Inc. (DTA) was lead consultant for the relicensing of this 7.66 MW hydroelectric project on the Penobscot River in Old Town, Maine. The powerhouse contains 11 turbine-generator units. The dam and powerhouse measure approximately 1,425 feet long. The 160-acre project impoundment contains approximately 1,600 acre-feet of storage. Read More...


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