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DTA offers a full range of hydroelectric and water resources engineering capabilities from greenfield studies to plant rehabilitation. These include technical analysis, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design specifications, construction management and engineering/procure/construct (EPC) projects, operator training, start-up services, energy and capacity evaluations, life extension studies and equipment performance analysis.


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DTA environmental capabilities include field-based aquatic services such as habitat characterization and quantification, population assessment, entrainment/mortality studies, fish passage studies, instream flow assessments using state-of-the-art Acoustic Doppler Current Profile technology, consensus-based enhanced Delphi techniques, and dissolved gas studies. We also conduct field-based terrestrial studies, avian and mammal surveys, protected species identification, and wetlands delineation, assessment and mitigation. Other capabilities include recreation and land use studies, preparing shoreline management plans, and conducting water quality studies.


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Our in-depth regulatory experience assures our clients of the highest-caliber expertise from individuals and teams who understand the increasingly complex and rapidly-changing regulatory climate. DTA brings a strong history of successful resolution of FERC issues, including extensive preparation of NEPA documents. We offer solid experience in all other associated aspects of federal, state and local permitting. While working closely with clients to design the most cost-effective and solution-oriented licensing process. We have substantial capability in implementation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), habitat conservation plans (HCP's), and other related regulatory matters.

Software and Technology


In addition to routine application of technology such as DAMBRK, IMPULS and ATURB, DTA leads the industry in innovative proprietary software and the optimization of existing technology in precise, cost-saving applications for our clients. Our proprietary CHEOPS™ Hydropower Operations Model, advanced GIS/GPS technology, our proprietary Photo-Link Data Archiving and Retrieval system and Electronic Filing (Efiling) system for FERC relicensing are just some of the creative solutions developed by DTA to meet or exceed industry needs.


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